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Architectural Design...

Whether you want your architectural pillar to disappear into the woodwork or make it a focal point of a theme. LumaMedia's design team will work smoothly with yours to build the perfect solution. Let us take your client on the e-ticket ride of your choice.

Venue and Arena

With the versatility of LumaMedia you can light floors, bars, chairs, curtains, mirrors, etc etc. You can turn your venue into the new "Place to be seen". In your arena LumaMedia signage stands out above the sensory overload of your arena to clearly bring home your message and your revenue.

Boeing exhibit sign
Exhibit signage design
Illuminating store banner

Point of Purchase

Whether it is revitalizing your existing displays or designing hypnotizing enhancements from the ground up, this illuminating signage will your store a POINT OF PURCHASE.

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