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Our Glowing DJ Laptop Skins & Display Boards

Our DJ Laptop Skins are one of a kind. Why use a standard laptop skin when you can light-up your name with a custom LumaSkin?!?!

glowing laptop skin

Our LumaSkins are custom made from your supplied logo and are a great way to see your name

in Rich Electroluminecent Light on stage.

Our skins are peel-n-stick and made to fit 13" and 15" (Retina and standard) model Macbook Pro laptops,

as well as all other types of laptops. 


Our DJ Laptop Skins come with a power supply which can control the illumination to a steady, flashing, or fading effect. 


Join our growing list of DJ's around the world who are making a statement with their name in LIGHT! Reach out to our team to place your order for your own glowing laptop skin.

SuperSkin Display.png

SuperSkins: Light up DJ displays & event tables

Want more than a laptop lit up? How about a full stage display!

SuperSkins for large displays and event tables are available by request. 

Click below for more information: 

Visit our photo gallery of DJ Laptop Skins...

How much are they?    We are happy to share the cost with you, but we need some information like; the size of your laptop, and where you live (to calculate shipping). Please contact us via the form below for pricing information.


Do you ship internationally?   Yes!! We ship our DJ Skins all around the world. We just need your address in order to calculate the shipping costs.

How long is the turn-around?     It takes approximately 5 to 10 business days from your approval and payment for us to make your laptop skin.

What if I don't have a logo?    No logo? No problem!  Our on-site design staff would be happy to create an awesome logo for you at an additional charge.  To learn more about artwork, logos, and graphic design, click here.

What type of artwork do you accept?    We accept high resolution files including; JPG, PNG, TIF, PDF, PSD, AI, and CDR.

(High resolution constitutes 300 x 300 dpi or higher, or vector artwork) To learn more about artwork, logos, and graphic design, click here.

How is the skin powered?    We include an AC wall adapter with the skin when you order. Currently, our DJ skins are not available to be powered via USB.

What colors are available?   There are two lit panel color options available, one is white unlit blue-green lit, and the other is white color unlit white when lit. We install a printed translucent vinyl over the top of the lit panel to make the areas of choice light up.

What forms of payment do you accept?   We currently accept most major credit cards, as well as PayPal.

What makes your DJ skins different from other companies?   We are an American company producing the highest quality electroluminescent “Lighted” products from materials and electronics manufactured exclusively in the USA. Nearly all of our products are custom designed and hand-built from artwork provided from (you) our clients.

For more information and pricing, contact us via the form below...

Interested in standing out with one of our custom DJ Laptop Skins? Want to know the price? Inquire below via the form.

*Your address is required to calculate shipping costs.

Please be sure to include your model/size laptop.

Or the dimensions of your sign for a SuperSkin

Thanks! Message sent.

Have a logo to send us? Click below to add a file. 

Please be sure to include your model/size laptop.

Having trouble uploading a file?

Let us know via email:

"I love my laptop skin from LumaMedia!! People are always commenting on how awesome it looks on stage."    

                                                              -DJ Streetz Atlanta GA

"I get a ton of  'likes' simply because people see my logo and  hit me up on social media."    

                                    -Xplodian NYC

"My first gig using my skin was a complete success. Other DJs on the bill that night kept asking me where I got it. LumaMedia, hit em up lol!!"    

                                -Danny James UK

"I didn't have a proper logo, but LumaMedia came thru for me by designing me up a dope brand!! Cheers LM!!"    

                                                              -DJ HDB UK

"I was concerned about getting a skin shipped to my location. LumaMedia gave me a great option, now i'm spinnin with light! "                              -Shift'd Fokus Estonia

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