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Installer Training...

So you want to become a LumaMedia Registered Installer…………

"It is exciting to revitalize existing materials or create new and hypnotizing products all the while using the most efficient light source on the planet and reducing your carbon footprint!" Says… Dave Lennon, LumaMedia President

Prior to becoming a Registered Installer with LumaMedia we require that individuals go through a one day training course in our Grants Pass, Oregon facility . This course is designed to maximize your consumer experience and minimize installation hassles.

Included in the course

• Learn about the Competitive Advantages of using the LumaMedia products by discussing real examples where each of these advantages can be relative to a customer’s needs or making a final sale.

• Get familiar with the Graphic Design files and the Inspection Worksheet that are required to provide you accurate Quotation information. Work through a mock quotation.

• Receive Hands on Training in multi surface preparation, mounting panel requirements, working with and installing vinyl, power and wiring configurations, which are all necessary for final installation.

• You will be given 1 lit panel that will assist with color matching and determining proper lighting conditions for customer end use.

• You will be leave with a Training Booklet and have access to our Tech Support department for all of your questions and technical needs

When back in your work environment and promoting LumaMedia products:

• You will have a signed Authorized Vendor agreement with line items you have committed to.

• You would fill out the required job worksheet and work with your client to develop the concept to come up with artwork in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. After meeting the information requirements you would collaborate with LumaMedia to develop and quote the product.

• A sign off sheet and payment are due prior to LumaMedias' production start.

• You would then purchase and pay in full for the product from LumaMedia at wholesale pricing, calculate your gross margin on the product and charge for your installation services.

• You will be responsible for providing the warranty service for any product that you originally sell and install under your certified installer number.

For Pricing and Training Dates Call (702) 202-2170 or email us at

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