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Artwork Quality...  The final result of your laptop skin depends heavily on the artwork you provide to us. Low resolution files will result in low resolution imagery. Although our skilled graphics team does everything they can to enhance the resolution of files they receive, not every file can be altered to the best end result. Refer to the information below to help with understanding high resolution artwork.


High resolution artwork constitutes imagery that is at least 300 x 300 dpi (dots per inch) or a vector illustration.

Raster: Raster imagery is any image defined as fixed in scale. Which means the image can only be used at the size it was created, and by enlarging the image, the result will be a pixelized and grainy appearance. Common raster files include; JPG, TIF, PNG, PSD, or BMP.

Vector: Vector imagery is any image defined as infinitely scalable. Which means the image can be sized to fit any application without losing quality and clarity.  Common vector file formats include; EPS, AI, CDR, SVG, and PDF. (PDF files can sometimes be both raster and vector combined)

Things to consider...

Online image searching: Many clients want to use images they find on the internet. This is fine, but understand these two points. 

1. Imagery found online is subject to copyright and accreditation. If you are using an image found online, be sure you have permission to use it. LumaMedia Intl is not responsible for use of copyrighted imagery without the owners consent. 

2. Just because you found an image online that looks good, doesn't mean the image will look good on your laptop skin. Internet imagery is a specific DPI ratio (usually 72 DPI) that has been optimized to work correctly via internet protocol. In most cases, downloading an image found on the internet will result in a grainy, fuzzy appearance. 

TIP: If you are searching for images on the internet, always click "Large, HD, or High Quality" within the search filter for best results.

Laptop Skin Background...

As a default, your provided logo artwork will be placed on a black background for maximum impact. A full color image background can be accomplished and is totally up to you. Some clients prefer a black background to contrast their logo, while others like to have a colorful image background. You may include a full image background with your artwork. If you would like us to apply your logo to a full color image background, this constitutes graphic design, and an additional charge will be applied to your order.

Logo Creation & Typesetting...

While most clients have a logo, some do not. We are happy to create a logo for you at an additional charge. We just need input from you on how you wish your logo to look. The more input from you, the better the result will be. Here are a few things to consider if you would like us to create a logo for you.

Font Style: There are literally millions of font styles online these days. We encourage you to search around the internet to get an idea of what type of font style you would like to see in your logo. A good resource site is DAFONT.

Clipart: Much like font styles, the internet is home to millions of clipart. We will be happy to modify clipart and imagery for you, just be sure to include these elements with your initial inquiry to us. And remember, high resolution is best.

Uploading Your Artwork...

You can use the form below to upload art files to our DropBox. We can accept files up to 10 MegaBytes. Larger files can be sent thru a third party portal using the links below.

Remember, High resolution is 300dpi or better, or vector files.

We accept:

Raster: JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, and PSD 

Vector: AI, CDR, SVG, and PDF

For any other artwork questions, or problems with uploading artwork to, email us at

We look forward to working with you on enhancing your brand with light!!

If you are having trouble uploading your artwork to our DropBox, you may use a third party transfer such as WeTransfer. It's a free service, and will require you to use as your connecting email address.

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