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Boatnik Custom Golf Car


LumaMedia designed and wrapped an old golf car for a local annual charity event for kids. We installed light panels, wood vinyl, and a Chevy Impala front grille

LumaMedia Intl. List With ReMax Realty project 2016


List With 2016! This project was interesting due to the fact that we had to collaborate with a wrap company in Canada for panel placement and design. We designed the artwork for the EL panels and the wrap company designed and obviously wrapped the vehicle. The vehicle was then passed on to us where we installed the EL panels. Quite the project!

Brandon Dillon Ford Buggy Project by LumaMedia


Brandon Dillon breaks in his Ford buggy with custom illumination from LumaMedia International. 


Black Pearl Funny Car (2)
Planet Caravan AirStream
Black Pearl Jet Funny Car...


LumaMedia takes the starting line with their super thin illuminated panels!! We integrated our custom EL panels into the wrap graphics of this funny car. 

Tron Bike...


Tron motorcycle (AKA Neutron Light Cycle) update 2016 Video with additional imagery. LumaMedia International provides the electroluminescent lighting for the Neutron Light Cycle conceptualized and designed by the Parker Brothers.