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Vinyl Wrap Lighting from LumaMedia International

LumaMedia...What is it??

The LumaMedia product is a form of inorganic electroluminescence, which utilizes an extruded polyester substrate that is UV ink receptive. In other words, it's what lights up your images. Research has shown that LumaMedia is the most efficient light source in the world. At less than one third the thickness of a credit card, this product is extremely flexible and lightweight. LumaMedia can modify and selectively light any design imaginable and place it in, on or around any surface. We are very proud that all of our product is 100 percent designed and manufactured in the United States, and the LumaMedia alternative offers incredibly rapid turn-around times, beginning at under one hour.  We're illuminating everything from banners and cars to walls and furniture and everything in-between. You can even depend on us for trade show signage.










The LumaMedia concept takes standard graphics and evolves them into fascinating, radiant images that are extremely eye catching. Effective advertising is all about getting people's attention, and LumaMedia got yours. In addition, the product is extremely versatile. LumaMedia can be powered by everything from Solar power, to button cells to AC Voltage. It all depends on the customers' needs, and how green you want to go. The only limitations for LumaMedia is your mind.


(LumaMedia is a super thin and flexible electroluminecent light source perfect for cost efficient advertising)

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