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Your Source for Light-Up Signage


LumaMedia International now offers you our  'peel and stick' illuminated signage that allows you to place temporary or permanent lighted signs on any wall, floor, etc to quickly and efficiently market or advertise your business. We also cater to illuminated custom projects and anything you can think of and then some!

LumaMedia Intl. signage produces no heat, is clearly visible through smoke and fog due to its light frequency. It can be placed where no other light source can due to its flexibility and minute energy consumption, allowing it to run for long periods on the smallest of battery power sources.

LumaMedia can be integrated with most methods of sign advertising to create a long lasting impression.


- Interior & Exterior Signage

- POP Display Signage

- Architectural Signage

- Vehicle Advertising

- Billboards

- Retro-fit Existing Cabinets

- Menu-boards

- A-frame Sidewalk Signs

- Second Surface Window Advertising

- Trade Show Signage

...and so much more!

trade show signage

(An example of LumaMedia technology integrated within an ADA compliant restroom directory)

Lit signs

(On the left the sign is off, on the right the power flows. You can see how impactful this floor graphic becomes with LumaMedia)

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